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Finding the right automation software for your business can be a very daunting task. Our guides and reviews will help you find the right software for your business.

  • Deep Research

    We have analyzed over 300 different automation tools to create the most comprehensive list.

  • 15-Step Checklist

    We run every software through our tested 15-Step Framework for analyzing features and functionality.

  • Objective Ranking

    We rank every software objectively. Promoted software are treated equal to any other tool on our site.

  • Practical Guides

    We then create practical guides on how to use each automation software for your business scenarios.

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3 Best Workflow Automation Tools

Find the best automation software for your business needs.

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Best Automation Software

The #1 workflow automation tool in the world. Zapier acts like glue, sticking together all the different applications you use.

clickup logo


Best Project Management Software

Hands down the best project management software for marketing agencies and teams sized 1-500.



Best BPM Software

Appian is low-code business process management software. Recommended for teams sized 500+.


Quality Control

Sitemark Icon Inc.

Software Engineer

Dune Ltd.


Best for Agencies

Asana is one of the top Kanban workflow automation tools. Perfect for marketing agencies sized 100+.

Trello Logo


Best Free Kanban Software

Trello is hands down the best free Kanban software. You can use most functionalities completely for free.

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Best for Developers

Jira is the top choice for managing software development projects. Its GitHub integration makes it the perfect choice for developers.


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Find the right automation software

Read our detailed software reviews to find the best automation software for your business needs.

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Our Testimonials

Workflow Automation Reviews

Chris Delia
Chris Delia

Marketing Agency Founder

"We struggled with finding a workflow management tool to run our agency operations for months before we found Workflow Automation. It only took us a week to find the right software with their help."

Noel Ceta
Noel Ceta

Founder @Apollo Digital

"These are some of the most trained automation experts I've ever come across. They've helped us automate all our agency operations, including hiring, sales, day-to-day ops, and more! Can't recommend them enough."

Michael Harris
Michael Harris

CEO @RedMedia

"They helped us streamline our agency operations within 2 months. Before I hired them, I was at a point in which I would have shut down my agency from the stress I was accumulating."

Christine Jensen
Christine Jensen

COO @Blue Beaver

"Thanks to Workflow Automation's guide, I was able to set up massive automation workflows using Clickup and Smartsheet. What used to take 20 hours a week, now only takes 2 hours. Crazy!"

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